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Hey my lovely friends, save the date 16/12/12 :)

shayusoff - Save the date (by bumdanish)

Exactly 2 more months. I’m feeling really scared. I’m not just scared for the big day but also after the big day. Insya Allah everything will go smoothly. Amin. (Taken with Instagram)

Was extremely surprise to receive a Hari Raya card from @harizkhan it was really sweet of u. When was the last time I received a card?? The best part is the card comes with a raya song. I’m definitely the most happiest girl on earth. Thank u very much for the thoughtful card. Terharu saya dibuatnya 😘 (Taken with Instagram)

I’m amazed that she knows my taste very well. Thank u very much @yanlin_ivy for the very sweet thing :) (Taken with Instagram)

Awesome night at changi airport with my favourite ladies ;) @sfarhana @yanlin_ivy @kalpakamini (Taken with Instagram)

Racial harmony day :) @sfarhana @yanlin_ivy @kalpakamini (Taken with Instagram)

Nervous! All best to those performing :) (Taken with Instagram)

Thanks for trusting me :) congrats @polkahearts on ur engagement. (Taken with Instagram)

Can’t wait. Hehe.. (Taken with Instagram)